Pair will sing "My Hero" over WCAE on Amateur Hour Program

Two district residents will compete for a $1000 prize on an amateur hour Sunday afternoon at
4 p. m., over Station WCAE, Pittsburgh.

The pair, Thomson Leiper, 23, a tenor, and Barbara Lee Owens, 21, soprano, wi!l sing a duet, "My Hero" from THE CHOCOLATE SOLDIER.

Both Mr. Leiper, who lives at 7333 Woodlawn Avenue, Swissvale, and Miss Owens, of 1004 East End avenue, Regent Square, are seniors at the University of Pittsburgh.

Early this year, they earned the right to compete as finalists in Sunday's contest by singing on the amateur hour- sponsored by a jewelry firm. At that time they sang the number which they will repeat Sunday.

Miss Owens and Mr. Leiper began singing together at a minstrel performance in Swisshelm Park. Those who heard their songs urged them to continue their singing careers together - careers which may eventually win for them national recognition.